About Us

Acer Visa UK Limited is based in London, specialising in UK visa & immigration with array of experience behind us. Our philosophy is to provide our clients flexibility, efficiency, honesty and reliable professional service.

Navigating the complexity of UK visa & immigration application can be time consuming and challenging by doing it alone. With Acer Visa UK, we will increase the success rate of an UK visa application as it is always better to walk the process together than alone.

We support our client and provide them a comprehensive assessment in order to integrate with the requirements of their visa application, ensuring a smooth application process.

Acer Visa UK serves globally, assisting clients within the UK and also provide services to clients from overseas who wish to relocate or travel to the UK for individuals or businesses. 

Our friendly team is passionate about what we do best. That is why, at Acer Visa UK, we will help our client all the way to find the best possible solution for their immigration matters so they can focus on building their life in the UK. Our advisers have years of experience working with individuals and business corporate.

We are regulated by Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (F202100292), an executive non-departmental public body, sponsored by the UK government Home Office, to ensure our advisers are qualified, competent, act in our clients’ best interests and also ensure our clients receive the correct and updated information.

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